In the framework of strengthening academic relations with the corresponding higher education institutions in the Arab Republic of Egypt, a meeting was held on 29th March 2017, at the headquarters of Suez Canal University in Ismailia, Egypt, in the presence of: Prof. Mustafa Elfakhry; Vice-Dean for Graduate Studies and Research and Dr. Salma Bukhatwa; Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy and Director of the Department of Academic Relations and International Cooperation, Representatives of the Libyan International Medical University, and:

  1. Prof. Magda Hagras Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research
  2. Prof. Yasser Mustafa Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy

3.D. Ahmed Zaky Dean of the Faculty of Commerce

4.D. Abdul Raouf Mustafa Dean of the Faculty of Computers and Information

  1. Prof. Ahmed Osama Vice Dean of Medicine for Graduate Studies and Research

Representatives of Suez Canal University ,,,,,,

A part of the meeting was attended by Prof. Mamdouh Ghorab, the president of the university who blessed the initiative and urged to strengthen and activate it to serve the two countries.

The meeting concluded with the participation of faculty members at Suez Canal University in reviewing program descriptions, teaching, supervising scientific projects, developing executive plans and training of students in clinical programs through short visits to LIMU headquarters in Benghazi city.