Modernizing University Governance and Management in Libya (UNIGOV)

UNIGOV Project in Libya was a three-year project started October 2012 and was funded in partnership with the European Commission’s TEMPUS Program, which aimed to strengthen the current government reforms in the higher education system, improve its accountability and promote its independence.

Network for the modernization of the Higher Education sector in Libya (WHEEL)

WHEEL LOGOWHEEL project in Libya is about to start in 2019 aiming at Modernisation of governance, management and functioning of Higher Education Institutions in Libya.

Main objective of the project is to contribute to a vision of a Libyan Higher Education system that can successfully meet the many social, economic and cultural challenges via analysis, capacity building actions, institutional development and strategic planning.

The specific aim of the project is to establish a Network of Libyan universities as learning platform to foster the modernization and strategic planning of the higher education system

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Libya restart is the result of UNIMED’s research on the Libyan Higher Education System, a
collaborative work is done to be the first brick to build on for more cooperation between
Libyan Universities and Higher Education Institutions in Europe and beyond, to allow Libyan academics, administrative and students to benefit from international training and mobility,
gaining new skills for a new country.

Libya restart report

Libya restart activities

According to the state of the art, the IBTIKAR (promotIng research and innovaTIon environment in the libyAn higher Education System / IBTIKAR) project addresses and contribute to solve
these problems with the following General Objectives:
• To increase the production of joint high-quality research through a new class of thinkers
able to cope with the local and global challenges, who will contribute to solve community
problems and impact on the socio-economic growth in Libya.
• Enforce the role of Libyan universities and promote the quality and quantity of researches,
so as to make a transition within the multidimensional targets of sustainability;
Accordingly, the Specific objectives of IBTIKAR are:
• SO1: To enhance the research capabilities of Libyan HEIs by increasing the competencies
and skills of their academic and administrative staff;
• SO2: To develop the networking among Libyan Academic institutions and with EU HEI’s
and research centres, so as to maximize the synergies between them and the sharing of
knowledge and experiences regarding the scientific research in a stronger connection also
with the labour market;
• SO3: To discuss and propose the reform of the national research system

The overall objective of SAHA is to support the modernization, accessibility and internationalization of the Libyan higher education institutions in the field of Health Economics and Healthcare Management

The specific objectives of the projects are the following:

1) Enhancing HEIs human resources capacities in the field of Health Economics and Healthcare Management by improving quality, relevance, equity of access, planning, and delivery of training offers and upgrading the quality of existing courses and enhance its relevance for the labour market and society with new courses on Health Economics and Healthcare management.

2) to promote a reform process in the field of the Libyan health system through a participatory approach and by involving national and international stakeholders, HEIs representatives, public authorities.

3) to reinforce the reliability of data and statistics related to health management in the country by setting up health management data centers in each of the involved Universities.

SAHA Newsletter-November 2021