On Wednesday, January 14, 2021, the Libyan International Medical University, represented by Prof. Abdullah El-Mansoury (University Vice Dean for Public Affairs and Dean of the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences), Dr. Salma Bukhatwa (Director of Academic Relations and International Cooperation and Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy) participated in a working group that includes representatives of the following Libyan universities: University of Benghazi, University of Tripoli, University of Misurata, University of Zawiya and Sebha University in addition to representatives of the Union of Euro-Mediterranean Universities.

The work was carried out through a virtual meeting to work within the focus groups to discuss guidelines related to higher education in Libya and its internationalization. This focus group work is a continuation of a study on the internationalization of higher education in the Euro-Mediterranean region. This study was well attended by the State of Libya through its universities. Representatives of the Union of Euro-Mediterranean Universities praised the participation of Libyan universities in this study.