West Bohemia University (Pilsen city, Czech Republic) hosted the partners meeting of the SAHA project on the 10th of October 2022.

With the participation of the following universities:

Libyan International Medical University– University of Tripoli – University of Misrata – University of Sirte – University of Sebha – University of Zawiya – University of Granada of Spain – University of Pavia of Italy – University of West Bohemia Czech and Union of Mediterranean Universities.

Dr. Salma Bukhatwa – Director of the Department of Academic Relations and International Cooperation, represented the Libyan International Medical University in the meeting.

The meeting discussed the following items:

  1. Partner universities’ preperations, before announcing the start of the Master\’s program in Health Management.
  2. Training of faculty members involved in teaching SAHA courses within the Master of Health Management.
  3. Implementation of data collection centers and purchase related devices as well as telemedicine devices.
  4. Health Management in Times of Crisis: Action Plan and Implementation.
  5. Mid-term report of the SAHA project.
  6. Documents related to the financial dues of the participants in the project.
  7. Agreement regarding the venues of the 2023 partners meeting and the final conference of the project.
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